7 Minutes before you have your first meeting or make your first call.

One of the great insights of the 4-hour workweek – and many other skill enhancement programs – is how scalable so many tasks have become. Outsources or not – even communication efforts can be not only customized but compounded to a stratospheric degree. But when it comes to communications with your MOST IMPORTANT clients and prospects it can’t be outsourced – If it could your outsource partner would be doing what you’re doing and REPLACE you.

You put yourself on the road to being IRREPLACABLE with clients and MEMORABLE with prospects when you make yourself the most informed and valuable resource that she/he has ever encountered. No matter what her interests, political inclinations or circumstances your most valuable tool is but a few pages or clicks away.

You can train yourself to be the most powerful warrior in the information age. We can help you get started by offering you a proven method of arming yourself every morning and rearming throughout the day.

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